Full Cover Front and Back iPhone 8 Plus TPU Screen Protectors

Keep your iPhone 8 Plus protected with this pack of full cover front and back TPU screen protectors. Offering all-round protection, the screen protectors also wrap around the sides, top and bottom.
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All-round protection

Featuring a full cover design, the Olixar Front and Back screen protectors cover the whole of the iPhone 8 Plus' display, in addtion to covering the back, sides, top and bottom of the phone. This provides all-round protection against scratches, knocks and scrapes.

Crystal clear clarity

Once applied, the screen protector provides crystal clear clarity, allowing you to continue using your phone without any issues. Additionaly the screen senstivity is not effected, which ensures 3D touch can continue to be used without any issues. 

Case compatible

As the Olixar TPU Front and Back Screen Protectors are case compatible, you'll be able to add further protection for your iPhone 8 Plus.

Easy to apply

The Olixar Front and Back TPU screen protectors have been custom cut for the iPhone 8 Plus and so applying them is effortless. Prior to fitting the screen protector, ensure your device is clean and dust free using the provided cleaning pack, microfibre cloth and dust removal stickers. Once clean, line up the screen protector and apply it using the included application card to remove any air bubbles.

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