Head Up Display (HUD) In-Car Mount Navigation System

Use your smartphone as a HUD, inspired by fighter jet heads up displays. With a selection of apps, you can use this unit to reflect your smartphone display, viewing metrics such as speed, revs and directions.
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Inspired by military technology

We've all seen films where fighter pilots are battling it out in the clouds, peering into their HUD (head or heads up display) systems to lock on to their opponents or to navigate. Well now you can take advantage of similar technology with this awesome navigation aid. Only instead of soaring through the clouds, you will be soaring through your daily commute or journey.

Combines with your smartphone to produce an effective in-car heads up display

The Head Up Display (HUD) In Car Mount Navigation System combines with your smartphone to produce a very effective in-car heads up display. No need to place a car holder right onto your windscreen, instead use the reflective qualities of this built-in mirror to view the road beyond and yet see fascinating and helpful details in front of you.

View the directions of your route and car performance details

Drive without having to take your eyes off the road to check you speed, revs and many other measurements - while also using specialised apps to view directions to your destination. Perfect for viewing on-board diagnostics information (when paired with compatible OBD2 interface) at a glance.

High quality reflective screen ensures maximum resolution for your smartphone display

The Head Up Display (HUD) In-Car Mount Navigation System's reflective screen is made of a super clear plastic that effectively features a mirror-like reflection, so your smartphone's display is perfectly seen.

Built-in anti slip mat holds your phone in place

The HUD Mount has a built-in anti slip mat that secures your smartphone, keeping it in place even if you hit a pot hole or take a tight corner.

Vast array of available apps

With the vast array of HUD apps available such as HUDWAY, DigiHUD Speedometre and Torque - you have a huge amount of choice in the type of HUD you wish to display. Whether you wish to view directions to your destination or a wide array of car statistical information including your speed - there is an app available on either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Easy installation

The Head Up Display (HUD) In Car Mount Navigation System is very easy to install. Simply attach the included adhesive mount to the HUD System, then attach the HUD unit to your preferred position on your car's dashboard.

Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

The Head Up Display (HUD) In-Car Mount Navigation System is compatible with a wide selection of smartphones that support Apple's iOS or Android. With the correct app, you can ensure your car is fitted with a futuristic-looking Heads Up Display.

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