Huawei Mate 20 Pro Wet Application Film Screen Protector 2-in-1

Keep your Huawei Mate 20 Pro screen in pristine condition and air bubble free with this Olixar scratch-resistant screen protector 2-in-1 pack with wet application.
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Prevents screen scratching and other damage

The Olixar range of screen protectors are designed to keep your Huawei Mate 20 Pro's screen clear from scratches and scrapes that could hamper your visibility. By creating a tough barrier between your screen and the world, any damage will be done to the screen protector and not the phone, keeping your device looking good as new.

Wet application method to reduce air bubbles and provide edge to edge protection

Designed to reduce air bubbles, the wet application range of Olixar screen protectors are easy to apply, as they are custom cut for each device and come complete with a wet application kit. Additionally the screen protectors cover the curvature of your device's screen and so provide edge to edge protection.

Crystal clarity provides invisible protection

While it's important to protect your screen, it's also vital that the screen protector does not hinder your smartphone use by clouding the screen or decreasing the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Olixar screen protectors are specially made to provide optimal clarity, while also being thin enough to keep your touchscreen in perfect working order. Once on, you wont even notice the Olixar screen protector is there.

Comes with 2 screen protectors for twice the protection

Olixar screen protectors now come in packs of 2, so you've got 2 times the protection for your Huawei Mate 20 Pro. You'll never have to buy another screen protector for the life of your phone with the Olixar 2-in-1 screen protector pack.

Wet application instructions

  1. Clean your device's screen with the provided cleaning wipe and dry with the micro fibre cloth
  2. Remove any remaining dust with the Dust Absorber
  3. Remove the protective film labelled 2 from the screen protector
  4. Remove the protective film labelled 1 (adhesive side) from the screen protector
  5. Open the silver sachet which contains the wet cotton wipe and wipe the adhesive side of the screen protector. Please ensure the entire adhesive side is completely wet. 
  6. Place the screen protector onto your device’s display
  7. Move and align the screen protector
  8. Hold down the screen protector with your fingers and use the rubber tool to lightly push the liquid out firstly from the top of the device and then to the sides
  9. Using the micro fibre cloth, push the sides of the screen protector down. Follow this step 2-3 times to ensure the sides have adhered to your device's display correctly.
  10. Allow the screen protector to dry completely overnight. 

Please note: If you find the edges of the screen protector are not sticking down, use the wet cotton to dampen the edges and press down firmly again. Repeat this step a number of times if necessary

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