iPhone 12 Pro Waterproof Pouch - Black

The Olixar Action Waterproof Case for iPhone 12 Pro is a protective case providing 100% smartphone waterproofing and touchscreen operation up to a size of 6.8 inches for activities that require near water or even underwater adventures.
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100% waterproof case up to 1m

When swimming, surfing, kayaking, fishing, snorkelling, skiing and various other outdoor activities - you want to share this adventurous moment by taking a photo or capturing a video. With the Olixar Waterproof Bag for your iPhone 12 Pro, you can do just that while protecting your device yet still operating its key functions. Visibility is no problem, with a super-clear window providing crystal clarity to your phone's screen.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

Lightweight and designed to float

If you happen to lose hold of your case in the water? No problem, this case floats! Thanks to the airbag section of this case, the case is buoyant - and so will you be if you see this in action or need it to keep your valuable iPhone 12 Pro from the depths.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

IPX8 certified against water, ice and dirt

The Olixar Universal Waterproof Bag has an IPX8 waterproof rating which means it has been tested and passed underwater lab tests, in addition to actual real-life conditions. This means you can be assured your iPhone 12 Pro can be taken within the Olixar Waterproof Bag case up to 1 metre underwater for up to 30 minutes and capture those precious moments.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

Crystal clear window for sharp photos and clear view of your smartphone's display

Designed to allow full functionality of your iPhone 12 Pro and includes a high-clarity surface that is manufactured to offer unbeatable protection for your smartphone screen without impairing the screen brightness or clarity.  

Not only that, but your photos and videos will remain sharp and clear as it captures through a specially designed super-clear polycarbonate portion of this case.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

Supports use of your touchscreen while in the case

As well as providing protection and visibility of your device, the Olixar Waterproof Bag supports full use of your touchscreen while in the case. This is ideal for texting, web browsing, checking e-mails and capturing photos & video - all while your phone is fully protected from water and other elements.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

Detachable lanyard with breakaway safety connector

For safety, the strap will breakaway under certain levels of stress to avoid any potential tangles that could cause an injury.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

Universal design for smartphones up to 6.8"

The Olixar Waterproof Pouch is made with a universal design. This means that not only your current phone, but also your future phone could also fit into the pouch and it will provide the same level of protection against water.

Olixar Waterproof Pouch For Smartphones Up To 6.8

Please note: if using the Universal Waterproof Case with iPhone 12 Pro, Assistive Touch will need to be enabled as the physical Home button will not respond. To do this, go to Settings > General > Accessibility, then scroll until you see the Assistive Touch option. This will add a virtual Home button to your screen so you can continue to use your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus.


  • Size W × H: 105mm × 172mm
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