StickFix Multipurpose Sticky Gel Pads - 3 pack

Organise the world around you and keep it tidy with StickFix sticky transparent gel pads. A strong adhesive large surface area ensures you can mount pretty much anything to them, from keys, phones, tablets, remote controls and more. Three shapes included.

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If your world needs organising, fix it!

Does this sound familiar? "Where's the remote". "where's my keys", "where's..." Well, suffice it to say, in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, we have a lot stuff and that stuff tends to 'move around'. A good solution is to keep things where you can see them. Where you know they are. That's where StickFix pads come in and they're a fantastic and simple solution to an age-old problem. Using ingenious sticky reusable gel pads you can mount pretty much anything to them in the location of your choice. All you need is a relatively flat, clean, non porous surface area.

Easy to hold smartphones and tablets in safe view

Mount smartphones and tablets in plain view with the StickFix pads. This might be in a car or next to your desk. This is handy for two reasons. 1: you can keep them safe and out of harms way where you can easily reclaim them in a split second and :2 If you choose a suitable place you can use the StickFix as a view stand.

Never lose your keys again

We've all been there. You're in a rush, you came in the night before without a care in the world and put your keys down somewhere and now you can't find them. Well, with the StickFix pads, all you have to do is place them in a suitable place and forget about it until you need them again. No need to fuss about remembering where you put your keys, as long as you place your StickFix where you need it, you can be out of the door in seconds. Avoid a sticky situation by creating one.

Super-strong hold

The StickFix may be agreeably small but don't think this means its hold is weak. Far from it, the grip is so strong they can hold keys or other relatively heavy objects. The hold is therefore comfortably strong and you won't need to worry about your keys falling on the floor and scratching the wall in the process. Just peel the plastic covers off when you're ready to get sticking.

Easy to fit - Mount in seconds

In truth, the hardest part is working out where you're going to place your StickFix pads and that shouldn't be too taxing. When it comes to actually mounting the StickFix, it really is easy. A strong adhesive surface provides a solid hold, keeping your pad in place for as long as you need it. Walls, switches, skirting, glass... you name it. All you need is a smooth clean surface. No need to call a handyman or get the power tools out.

Totally reusable - just wash and go again

With sticky surfaces, it is inevitable that some stuff you don't want will get into the mix. That's the problem with being able to hold anything. Though dust and lint will compromise any hold eventually, thankfully it is easy to clean. Just wipe down or wash the surface with warm water to restore the StickFix's awesome sticky powers. It will be as good as new. It is good practice to do this fairly regularly.

Includes 3 pads in 3 shapes for all jobs

This pack caters for your needs with 3 StickFix pads so you can mount 3 different objects, use more than one for larger objects or just have three locations for your objects. There are also 3 separate shapes so you can fit them anywhere or choose the shape that suits you most at that time. There's a circle, triangle and square in the pack.

Please note: It is advisable to use more than one gel pad on larger devices as a precaution. It is also advisable to test with something similar in weight and less valuable before mounting your smart devices. While we believe in the quality and grip of this product, we cannot guarantee other factors that are particular to your environment, such as dust on the pad and surface it is applied to and varying temperature levels. We cannot be held accountable for any damage to devices as a result.

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