USB-C To 3.5mm Aux Adapter - Silver

This audio adapter in silver allows you to connect your 3.5mm audio accessories to your USB - C devices, via the Lightning USB port. Ideal for use with earphones, headphones or speakers that use a standard 3.5mm AUX connection.
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Compatible with USB - C devices

This adapter is fully compatible with the latest USB - C devices

Allows you to use your existing headphones, earphones and speakers 

With the newer Android devices not having a 3.5mm AUX port, using your traditional 3.5mm earphones or headphones might at first glance look impossible. But fear not, because this adapter allows you to overcome that issue by passing the audio signal through the Lightning Cable port. Just connect your USB - C device to one end, your 3.5mm audio device to the opposite end and this tiny audio adapter will take care of the rest! Perfect for use with any audio device that connects via a 3.5mm AUX connection.

High quality audio output

Enjoy a high quality music stream with this Forever Audio adapter. The sound passed through this adapter will remain of high quality, with no loss in bass or treble.

Compact and nearly weightless design

This Lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter is really compact and light - you will barely notice it being there! It will also add little to no bulk to your overall music listening setup, meaning you can still take it with you to the gym or out and about.

Sleek and sturdy connectors encased in aluminium

Despite entry level pricing, the Audio adapter features high quality aluminum encased port connectors, ensuring durability of the item. No matter what your usage looks like, you can always rely on this audio adapter.

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