X-Ranger Everytool 26-in-1 Multi-Purpose Credit Card Tool

Carry 26 tools wherever you go, all in one handy credit card-sized accessory. The Olixar X-Ranger Everytool features screwdrivers, rulers, bottle opener, wrenches and more. Complete with phone-attachable carry pouch and safe grip finger loop.

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Multi-tool inside for every eventuality

Gadget lovers, the intrepid and campers will love this, but most people will need it at some point and be mighty glad it's there. What are we talking about? The included multi-tool of course. Though you can choose to store a credit card in the compartment if you wish, there will be nothing quite so useful or essential than the stainless steel multi-tool that forms part of X-Ranger Everytool's utilitarian charm. Whether you need to open a letter, can or bottle, tighten a nut on a bike or other equipment, take a quick measurement or cut / saw something to size, the multi-tool has it all covered.


Credit card-sized tool for convenience and portability

The X-Ranger Everytool 26-in1 Multi-Purpose Credit Card Tool is the perfect solution for those wanting to travel light but have a lot of tools on hand when they need them. Well, when we say a lot of tools, we mean the 26-in-1 Multi-tool, which as you may have guessed has 26 functions in one credit card-sized metal multi-tool.


What we have in this one-stop shop of functionality is this:
Ruler (metric and imperial), filer, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, cable peeler, protractor, phone stand (to be used with a credit card or similar), letter opener, puller, knife blade, side blade, saw blade, keyring hole, butterfly wrench, a hex bolt wrenches in sizes ranging #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13 and #15. That's quite a lot from one small tool, but it's all there. Has a phone case ever provided so much capabilities? Have you ever had so much with you in one small place to take on the world? Probably not.


Stick it on - 3M sticky surface 

Using a super-strong and reliable 3M sticky surface, the X-Ranger Everytool 26-in-1 will apply to any flat area 95 x 60mm in size and you can expect it to stay there too. If you need to remove it, you can easily do so. You can even reapply it to the same device or another too as long as you keep the sticky area clean. The sticky surface also leaves very little or no residue behind.


Elastic finger loop for extra protection - in more ways than one

The X-Ranger Everytool's pouch features an elastic finger loop system on the rear. This loop folds flat and out of view if you do not want or need it. But if you do, simply slip your fingers through and you have an extra secure grip on your phone. This is not only important in the sense that you will not drop your phone under any circumstances, but also in the sense that your iPhone cannot be snatched from your hand. So, security against damage and security against theft.

Pop it in your pocket

The main benefit of X-Ranger Everytool is that it not only provides a considerable utility capability, it also keeps it all slim enough to slip into your pocket. This is ideal for those who need to stay mobile and travel light.

Case compatible

While it applies perfectly to your phone, what if you want to enjoy the protection of a case too? No problem. X-Ranger Everytool just needs 95 x 60mm of relatively flat surface to apply to, so most cases will be suitable. By sticking X-Ranger Everytool's pouch to your case you have an instant wallet case.

Universal - all you need is a flat surface

X-Ranger Everytool Utility Backpack just needs a 95 x 60mm flat area to apply to. This means almost all smartphones will be suitable and all tablets too. In fact, you don't even need a smart device. Apply X-Ranger Everytool to any compatible surface and you have a fantastic multi-tool solution.

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